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Giving Purpose to Members in Improved Buddhism

It is quite easy to say to someone what they should do. Just say whatever comes into your mind. It is much harder to come up with a method for figuring out what to tell someone to do, or to assist them in determining for themselves what direction to follow in their life, their career, their health c…

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Reincarnation and Science

In order to try and understand if the concept of reincarnation has any role in contemporary Buddhism, it is first necessary to see if it can be defined in a way which is both self-consistent and not in violation of any known scientific laws. If…

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Why Improve Buddhism?

Buddhism is a religion or philosophy that originated with the teachings of Gautama Buddha, about 2500 years ago. The religion has changed tremendously from the time of its founding, and has divided into several branches. There would seem to be …

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